Gyan Vitaranam Cultural Activities

Gyan Vitaranam Cultural Activities

At "Gyan Vitaranam Cultural Activities 2019" we understand the importance for students to interact through cultural differences in order to bring forth the best in them. Education has come a long way in the 21st century, educators have always been at the forefront of knowledge and enlightenment, however as globalization and global awareness is fast taking over educators are also responsible to impart knowledge about diversity. Most, if not all educational institutions encourage their students to be part of cultural awareness groups and integrate with each other in order to create a positive atmosphere. This understanding helps students tremendously as being culturally aware can have a significantly positive effect on a student’s development as a healthy and functional individual of society.

Keeping this as the centre focus, Gyan Vitaranam encourages the youth of all educational institutions to participate in inter-school and college cultural competitions through which the diversity of our country can be exhibited through various forms of art and culture we possess.

Events for the following are coordinated by Gyan Vitaranam and are inter school and inter college based:

  • Dance: A wonderful and enjoyable activity that helps students easily cross the barriers of socialization is dance. Dance is known to be a free form of soul expressions as well as an enjoyable way to be exposed to other cultures through costume and traditional dance forms. when teamed with competitiveness each student wants to display their cultural ways as best as they can.

  • Music and Singing: This is another method of expression of the soul, each culture and ethnic background has a specific way of interpreting song and music where instruments used vary from culture to culture, or perhaps the student is very gifted vocally, either way coming together on a broader platform to exhibit talent and skill is always an appreciable event.

  • Martial Arts and karate: This is an exceptional form of physical fitness that introduces students to high levels of self-discipline, setting goals, respect, listening, teamwork and confidence building. Martial Arts has various forms and can be grouped by type or regional origin and participation is a great way to promote this art form.  

  • Painting: Art and culture are linked and can depict the obvious and subtle differences in culture, ethnicity and even one’s personal perceiving of a certain situation. This might be still life, religious art, abstract art or even illustrations that depict the current state of society affairs. Students competing in different styles of free hand art are granted the opportunity to exhibit their talent during this event.

Participation in this cultural event competition is open to all candidates of our country. Educational institutions and individual youth seeking participation. The enrolment process is online and each student will receive a  registered pass in order to take participation in the competition. Schools, Colleges or Institutions can register their students individually online from here. Candidates who are interested can also personally apply.

Schools, educational institution or individual youth seeking participation have to enrol online.  The enrolls will receive an entry pass without which admission to the event will not be permissible.